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Ultra Slim 300x1500 LED Flat Panel 1500mm X 300mm Recessed LED Ceiling Panel Lights

Item: 300x1500 recessed led panel light
Power: 36W / 40W / 48W
CRI Option: Ra 80 / 70 / 90
Light Efficiency: 80lm/w~120lm/w
Warranty: 3 Years / 5 Years

    1.Product Introduction of 300x1500  LED Panel Light.

    • LED  panel light Side-emitting lighting, uniform &no dark spots, attractive and  elegant in appearance.
    • Health & comfortable Lighting: No  flickering: flicking-free , more comfortable, protect your eyes.
    • No  flicker, no radiation, no glare, no harm to human eyes and body, environmental  protection.
    • LED  panel lights are CE, ROHS, FCC, TUV, GS, CB, SAA, PSE and EMC certified.
    • Long lifespan; up to 50,000hours in normal  use.
    • Energy-saving: Low power consumption, low  heat and high brightness.

    2. Product Parameter:



    3.Product Details:


    4. LED Panel Light Application:
     The LED panel light is intended for  illuminating indoor area, it may be installed and used only in dry,  enclosed indoor rooms. Such  as: office, school, supermarket, hospital, factory and institution building  etc.



    5. LED Panel Light Installation  Way:

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