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Embeded 620x620 Panel Light Recessed LED Ceiling Panel 62x62 for Cassette Ceiling

Item: 620x620 recessed led panel light
Power: 36W /40W / 60W / 80W
CRI Option: Ra 80 / 70 / 90
Light Efficiency: 80lm/w~120lm/w
Warranty: 3 Years / 5 Years

    1.Product Introduction of 62x62 LED  Panel Light.

    • Different sizes of LED light  panel for your options. Diversity in shape (square, rectangle)
    • Energy  saving ,saving 80% than the traditional lights at the same brightness. 
    • High efficiency  heat protection system, with the latest high efficiency and constant currency  driver, making the products can work under unstable voltage.
    • Professional circuit design, each LED can  work separately, thus it can avoid the influence caused by a broken single LED.
    • Anti-electric  wave, no RF interference.
    • We offer 3  years warranty.

    2. Product Parameter:


    3.Product Details:






    4. LED Panel Light Application:


    5. LED Panel Light Installation  Way:
     For recessed led panel light, it is with  spring clips. This one need to cut hole according to the inner frame  size. 


    6. Our Advantage:


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