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Recessed 18W 30*60 LED Panel Light 600x300 LED False Ceiling Panel Lighting

Item: 300x600
Power: 18W
CRI Option: Ra 80 / 70 / 90
Light Efficiency: 80lm/w~120lm/w
Warranty: 3 Years / 5 Years

    1.Product Introduction of 60x30 LED  Panel Light 18w.•  Lightman led panel lamps have high light efficiency and 60000 hours long  lifespan.
    • Lightman  office led panel use light source SMD2835 with good concentrated and uniform luminance, listed by LM-80 certificate.
    • High  brightness, low electricity consumption and color temperature.
    • Lightman  led ceiling panel has long life, long warranty, and various colors, comfortable and elegant, the best choice.
    • Lightman  led panel light is easy to be installed. Suitable for applying at home, hotel, club, library, market, office, or other places.

    2. Product Parameter:



    3. Product Details:



    4.LED  Panel Light Application:
     Our led panel light  is  widely used for commercial lighting, office lighting,  hospital lighting, clean room lighting etc. Suitable for applying at home,  hotel, club, library, market, office, or other places.



    5. LED Panel Light Installation  Way:
     For  Lightman LED Panel Lights, there are ceiling recessed, surface mounted, suspended  installation ways for options with corresponding installation accessories. Customer  can choose according to their requirements.


    Recessed Installation Example:

    Surface Mounted Installation  Example:

    Suspended Installation Example:

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