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Company Mission: 

Lights up the world

Core Values: 

Honesty, Gratitude, Responsibility

Corporate Philosophy:  

Learn and ProgressWork as a tem to get succeed.Be open-minded and forgiving.Target and performance oriented.Set an example through accountability.Connect people to benevolence as a key link.

Management Philosophy: 

Win by speed and efficiency.Quality is the lifeline of the company.Teamwork is our most valuable treasure.Success is measured by meeting defined targets. Innovation is the soul of corporate development.Learning leads to vitality, innovation and core competence. Competitors are also our partners.

Service Philosophy:

Maximize the value for our customers.






Honesty wins the future.

Professionalism forges the quality.

Corporate Culture: 

Modesty, Cooperation, Perseverance, Loyalty, Positivity, Professionalism.